Hello world!

Magdalene A.D. is published at last!  Find it on Amazon Kindle.  I hope you ‘ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  Mary Magdalene has become a true muse.  I’ve lived this journey with her for almost three years and its hard to think of stepping off the path and letting her journey out into the world without me.  I know she has people to meet that I will never know.  She’ll interact, influence and connect without me.  After being privy to her every thought and feeling for so long, I’m feeling a bit lonely at the prospect.  Who knew you could get Empty Nest Syndrome from a character?  To keep me from getting too blue, I hope you’ll drop back in and tell me about your time with her.  Meanwhile, I’ll be here, trading in the 1st century for the  21st.   I must say, it’s great to return to good news!     If that other guy had won I might have stayed.   For more info about Magdalene A.D. and my other books visit my website at http://www.christineirving.com/ 

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