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New Year’s Toast to Reality

This morning my husband sent me a book review by Edward Marriot of Alan Bennett’s novel The Uncommon Reader in which Her Royal Majesty, the queen of England, accidentally stumbles upon the pleasures of reading. It becomes an obsession with … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

Solstice marks the end of year’s deep darkening cold increases, blizzards blow, but all the while light returns, inching toward summer in increments even an unaided eye can measure. Solstice night, perfect night, long enough to hold it all vigil, … Continue reading

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Mythmaking and The Life of Pi

Myths and fairytales have fascinated me since childhood.  Perhaps, I understood instinctively that they were doorways into other realms and not just those of the imagination.  Reading transported me instantly into a thousand worlds full of adventure, color and excitement, … Continue reading

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