The Many Faces of The Magdalene

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Unity Church of New Hope

6071 New Hope Rd

Krugerville, TX


The Many Faces Of The Magdalene

January 20th, 2013


 Mary Magdalene is more than an incidental figure in the Christ story.  Her memory has persisted for over two thousand years.  Along with the Mary the Mother, she represents the feminine component of spirituality, which has so often been forgotten or down-played.  We don’t hear Magdalene’s voice at all in the New Testament but her actions ring out  loud and clear.  Their message is unmistakable.

She is made known to us by her courage, ability to change, loyalty and comprehension.  The Many Faces of Magdalene presents Magdalene as Mad Woman, Companion, Witness and Teacher.  The morning’s talk focuses on what Mary Magdalene actually did and how her actions can impact our current lives.

Later in the day, Christine’s workshop will explore the way the world has viewed Magdalene through the ages. 


1:30 PM

 Join Christine Irving for a slide show and lecture exploring the many roles assigned to Mary Magdalene throughout the last two millennia. We will track her footsteps through the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and catch a glimpse of what she might have meant to other early Christians. Medieval legends and the folklore of southern France offer yet another perspective.  Finally, we’ll take a brief look at how Mary Magdalene inspires and influences the women and men of this century.  Questions and discussion will be welcomed after the presentation.

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