San Francisco Flash Mob for V-Day

Wish I could be there dancing in the streets in body as well as soul, heart and mind. At least I can add my voice here to be counted among the one billion beautiful creatures. I love us, most precious sisters- love our friendship, strength, wisdom, courage, compassion and endurance. You are my most treasured valentines…

One Sitting/ One Billion Rising

The path, flowed
rippled through time
moving between worlds
traversing past, present, future
guiding the footsteps of millions
though each one walked alone.

One day, tired of moving endlessly forward
a woman sat down upon the ground.
Others joined her. There they sat
smack dab in the middle
while humanity
pushed on around them.

They tossed their pasts into the circle –
photographs, tattered sketches
a battered box, a cradle.
Gypsy snapped her fingers
flames danced beneath the cauldron
(women always have a cauldron).

Pawing through purses, they pulled out
onion, tomato, turnip, fish
potatoes, collards, salt.

Smacking, drooling, cackling
women drank soup
wiped the vessel clean
and pooled their dreams.

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