One Billion Rising

Dance the dance  TODAY! It’s not to late to learn !

I wasn’t going to write about this because what can I say that hasn’t and isn’t being said?  Plus I’ve been saying it all my life and every year the statistics get worse and my heart gets heavier.  Words haven’t cut it yet, but if we move – that might just do it.  So instead of writing I’ve been following Debbie Allen and learning the steps.  In between workouts I’ve been watching broadcasts of women from around the world.  This morning I found  the U-Tube from Pakistan “taken down by user.”

That’s a bad sign.  I wonder what angry father, brother, son, cousin, nephew, uncle, nosey neighbor, cop, intelligence officer twisted her wrist to force the phone from her hand?  Pakistan, thanks to our presence in Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in right now – especially for women.

Or maybe it was an anxious mother, worried sick with fear for her daughter, who forced her to renege.  Liberation politics fly out the window pretty fast when your child is at risk.  It’s one of the things that makes us so vulnerable.  I hope it was her mom.

I can’t do anything for her other than witness that she was there and now she isn’t.  She may not even have been female.  With a billion of us involved if this particular case isn’t going the way I imagine a thousand others are. We have to look and pay attention. We must imagine – take our separate experiences and connect the billion dots till a picture emerges that no one can turn away from and pretend they haven’t seen.

As for rape, Goddess! have I been fortunate.  Many other women among my family and friends have not.  Luck is all it amounts to – a statistical roll of dice, though my life isn’t over yet and age is no protection.   Rape can happen any time, any place.

But not while we’re dancing together in Delhi, Dhaka, Karachi, Kano, Jo’burg, KL, Peking, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Manilla, Sydney, Auckland, Honolulu, Lima, Rio, La Paz, San Jose, Guatalama City, Mexico, City, New York, DC, Frisco, LA and dozens of towns, villages, hamlets and living rooms.

Debbie Allen starts the dance with an invocation to Spirit.  One simple life-affirming notion that raises the arms into the air above one’s head.  it’s a gesture of open trust, of giving and receiving – an affirmation of joy.

Try it.

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1 Response to One Billion Rising

  1. andrea cox says:

    I am dancing..finally .. again..for now..Gratitude, Peace and Love to All
    Thank You

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