One Woman Sits/One Billion Rise


One Woman Sits/One Billion Rise

The path ripples through time
traversing past, present, future
guiding the footsteps of millions
though each walks alone.

One day, tired of moving endlessly forward
a woman sits down upon the ground.
Others join her. There they sit
smack dab in the middle
while humanity
pushes on around.

They toss their pasts into the circle-
photographs, tattered sketches
a battered box, a cradle.

A Gypsy snaps her fingers
flames dance beneath the cauldron
(women always have a cauldron).
Pawing through purses, they pullout
onion, tomato, turnip, fish
potatoes, collards, salt.

Smacking, drooling, cackling
women drink their soup
wipe the vessel clean
and rise up dancing.

2013 Christine Irving

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