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The Art of Letting Go: Creating an Outdoor Altar

THE SEAL Newly dead, nearly perfect round goggle eyes still brown, still clear I find no mark on him. Only the gray tongue, flaccid between dainty lethal teeth and creamy whiskers stiff as quill, speaks to me of  death’s decay. … Continue reading

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The story of the journey of death and rebirth is an ancient mythic motif, repeated, time and again, throughout human history.  This Easter, we celebrate the descent into and return from the underworld by our culture’s most recent mythic hero Jesus … Continue reading

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Desiring Dragons

 “I desired dragons with a profound desire. Of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighborhood. But the world that contained even the imagination of Fáfnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever … Continue reading

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A most moving visual meditation on balance, equilibrium and finding the center of gravity that expresses the Egyptian concept of ma’at, which assumes that the cosmos is based on a rule of harmony. By striving to maintain harmony in one’s life … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking At You, Kid

I first saw “Casablanca” in tiny dive in Georgetown in the 1960’s.  Forerunner to today’s “Movie Taverns,” it was a little hole in the wall that served popcorn and beer at café tables in a small black-painted room with a … Continue reading

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Victoria Woodhull: One Who Rose Up

This weekend the Texas Storyteller’s Association held its annual festival in Denton.  One of the featured teller’s, Willy Clafin  prepared a stellar historical presentation.  The operative word here is prepared.  The man knows his stuff- backwards, forwards, inside out to the … Continue reading

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Dear Oscar: In Praise of Breasts

We was born this way!  Genetically coded from day one to have big soft squishy breasts; cup-shaped perky breasts; small tender buds of breasts; cup A, B, C, D, DDD breasts.  Didn’t ask for them, didn’t order them, didn’t expect … Continue reading

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As Long As Women

“There is time only to work slowly.  There is no time not to love.–Deena Metzger.   As long as women sing to the ash and praise the sun pack their wounds with poetry and prose sculpt prayers in river clay … Continue reading

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The Company of Women

Last weekend I attended a women’s retreat with the women of a local Unity church. We gathered in a lake resort near Austin, some hours from my new Texas home. Even after a year and a half, Texas still seems … Continue reading

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