Day 16 – “Translation”

A MÉHÉSZ (Hungarian)

 Hatezer évig voltam méhész,
száz éve vagyok villanyszerelö.
Ha nyugdíjba megyek, majd újra méhészkedem.
Valami zümmögjön nekem, zümögjön nekem,
zümögjön nekem, zümögjön nekem,
zümögjön nekem.

 Translation: (I knew it was called the Beekeeper- other than that didn’t peek- wanted a language totally foreign to mine.)

Hazzards invigorate the flying bees

Says Eve, vagabound villainy sucks

The nectar makes maids mad for honey

Valor makes them buzz, makes her buzz

Bzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzz


 New Poem:


 The immenent invasion disturbs our queen

She says, vagabound villainy sucks!

Drones prepare for battle!

Nurse bees scurry madly here and there.

The smell of honey fills the hive

Maddening the maidens.

Valor makes them buzz, valor makes Her buzz

Bzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzz

Sings the hive.

THE BEE-KEEPER (English translation)

 I have been a bee-keeper for six thousand years
And for the past hundred years an electrician.
Once I retire I shall keep bees again.
Something should hum for me, oh hum for me,
Hum and hum and hum
Just for me.

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