Day 17 – Greeting

Hail! Dark Hecate, Goddess of the Night

Greetings, Faerie Queen of Witches

Ancient of Days, we bow before you.

From Above we come

bearing white banners.

Angels, djinn, daemons glide

down moonbeams dusted in starlight

draped in diamante gauze, sequined scarves,

star-studded feathers, a thousand rainbow hues.

Celestial voices raised,

we come singing silver notes of praise.

 From Below we come,

bearing black banners,

four-leggeds of myth and fable.

Noble-born, we walk in dignity

climbing the spiral path;

stone parts before us, chasms

close to bear our tread.  Spirits of ayahuasca,

divas of the garden, nymphs, dryads, Gaia’s

first-born come singing ebony notes of praise.

 From Between we come

bearing red banners,

daughters and sons of men,

Earth walkers, kissing cousins too-far

removed, claiming kinship now.

Our path unfurls steadily before us.

Milestones measure minutes, hours, days.

Our short impassioned lives flare like candles

against your dark mystery; still we come

singing crimson notes of praise.

Approaching your crossroad

we tremble, even the bravest

hides her eyes in awe…

terror washes over us

joy tumbles in its wake

notes meld, song rises.

Hail, Hecate!

Creatrix, Destroyer

Mother of magic, womb and tomb

stone and bone, green fire of life.

All hail!

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