Day 17 – Second Greeting



I love the way you reach for me

when I slide out of bed – oh so quietly

to read, pee or surf  because

insomnia is a perk of ageing

you’ve not yet claimed.  I actually

like these quiet midnight moments

though soon enough I’ll miss you

crawl beneath the covers

cuddle close, match my breath to yours

thinking nobody’s skin has ever felt so

permeable; hand melds to hand

cheek to cheek in such sweet intimacy

my heart almost stops, sometimes

I worry your heart has stopped

and shove a little, move the pillows

till you twitch, calming my fears

so I can doze my way toward morning.


A car door slams.

You call,

“where’s my darling?”

from the foot of the steps.

I run downstairs

assume the position –

standing onto the final tread

we’re almost at eye level –

I throw my arms around your neck.

“Welcome home,” I say,

“welcome home.”

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