Day 18 – Media Res

Ameliorate my position or you WILL

What? Leave? Strangle me? Poop on the front lawn?

Just where do you get off, telling me to back down?

I invented the Dodgson-Depp technique of worm-hole manipulation

I don’t make anyone jump!

I don’t even recommend wrapping in spider thread,

drinking the dissolution serum, or being shot into a vortex

by a supersonic atomically powered ballistic projectile;

you’d have to be crazy, no matter how many sexy

gauze-wrapped bombshells beckon from the bloody maw

of a black hole, for God’s sake. No!  Consequences

are consequences. Stupid will get you killed. No stupid. No die.

New ads complete with perfume, lights, mood music

and sub-sonic subliminal messages go into effect at midnight.

What a joke – ameliorate. Me?  Ameliorate?

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