Day 19 – Personal Ad

(This month my art blog, Two Twitch A Tale,  features Pandora’s Box so I couldn’t resist bring her into this challenge.  I’m also including one of my favorite love poems, written several years ago to my beloved.  First published in Sex on Earth, 2008 Six Ft. Swells Press )

(Ed. Note: Submitted 4/19/21 by P. Andora, The Forge, Olympus)

Girl with locked box needs locksmith

or man with missing key.  Tricky

lock requires persistence, lubrication,

gentle touch and sensitive ear

to hear her tumblers

click into place.

Must be willing to risk danger

endure stings and bites.

Final reward

hope of happiness.


Curious to a Fault



 Silver vixen, untamed but able to abide domesticity, seeks missing mate.

Please come home.  We’ll picnic by moonlight‑ quince jam, persimmon pie.

Come back, in time for Samhain when veils thin and you

may journey underground, digging past chestnut root and burly oak,

talking to snakes, learning secret ways to heal my suspicious heart, extract

that festering thorn from the sore pad of my left  front paw.


I need you beside me yipping at the Pleiades, nipping my shoulder

spooning around me, warm bulwark against autumn chill. 

I want to nuzzle, muzzle to muzzle, in a pile of yellow leaves;

watch you stretch full length along an orchard tree, brace

your legs against the trunk to pick the last golden pear

and carry it, sweet juice dripping, to my hungry mouth.

© 2008Christine Irving

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