Day 22- Earth Day


 We creep

avoiding fallen branches

searching each dark curve

for give-away bright tapestry

animals’ nighttime eyes.


Light sparkles in the underbrush.

Slowly, engine off, we glide to stop

slide from our respective seats.

Impossible creature

notes frozen human forms with interest

moves at last to detour past sneakers

climbs a mud embankment

lumbers out of sight.


Not knowing him, monks fashioned

a beast from intuition –

mythical animal, round

of stomach, long of snout, who crept

through gold-leaf cornered manuscripts.

nosing lapis flowers.


Mediaeval theologians,

forever seeking metaphor;

saw in armadillian armor

a battle-ready Knight;

the beast’s calm waddle

spoke self-assured Cleric;

grubbing nose,

avaricious Merchant;

strong squat legs,

a sturdy Yeoman.


The holy fathers preached;

These attributes all harmonize to keep,

God’s earthly kingdom in accord.


We too learn harmony from him,

our rare and longed-for sight,

when pangolin in dragon dress

parades the wild night.

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