The prompt today is “stars”…

Nature Talk

One evening after ice cream, sitting on a metal folding chair

in a barely air-conditioned hall on a California August night

while heat dulled our evening stars and the mercury

finally slipped to double digits after its triple play at noon,

we listened to the sound of crickets singing in slow motion –

high-pitched mating calls catapulted through time and space

and whatever other ether unnaturally decelerated sound

meanders, and heard a celestial choir whose angel chorus

filled the room, cooled the hall, froze us in our seats,

astonished tears trickling down cheeks silky, stubbled,

weathered, wrinkled or rouged to fall unnoticed

onto hands clasped childlike in wonder.

In that still moment

a lonely star-crossed cricket hopped unwaveringly

over worn floorboards across the room toward the podium

where even yet her seraphim sang longing songs

of unfulfilled desire.

The crowd departed quietly, murmuring like bees

or maybe I turned more insect-like within that interlude

shifting perspective, taught by crickets to believe

that even parted we can always find each other

no matter how far beneath our evening stars we roam.

©2015 Christine Irving

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