Here we are again in April, National Poetry Writing Month where poets pledge to try and write a poem a day. The NaPoWriMo  is the place to go, sign up and get daily prompts. I’m a day late so today I’ll post two!  Pied Piper to start you off and the other will appear below later today.  The prompt was to write a descriptive poem by describing something in terms of what it is not, or not like. Have fun and write, write, write!

Pied Piper

pied piperHe did not dress like other men

in navy pinstripes, brown or black,

expensive ropes of silk or polyester

restricting breath until lungs

began to wither, diaphragm slackened

and it became impossible to laugh

from the belly, sing or play a flute.

pied piperHe cared not for hypocrisy, obfuscation

manipulation and all the myriad subtle

ways other men used sacred symbols

words of power, images of fear or sex

to prey.

pied piperHe didn’t like to overcharge,

jack the price, or pretend

that ninety-nine cents was less

than a dollar.

pied piperHe never thought

of children as little

men and women

never found them onerous

bothersome or over-bold.

pied piperHe didn’t eschew

mystery and magic

lilting songs, or jigs

nor did he refrain

from wandering

or hugging trees.

pied piperAnd he loathed rats.

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