NaPoWriMO – 3rd Day – Silliness ensues

Today an English form called Fourteeners, consisting of fourteen not necessarily iambic syllables. “Casey at the Bat,” was my guide today in this ridiculous endeavor- as some of my followers know I am very fond of nonsense.

Male Bonding

Today I met with my old friend, who loves to chat and walk

his mood was grim, his pace too quick, our stroll became a stalk

the sky reflected Joe’s demeanor sullen-faced and grim

a roiling cloud spat lightning out to dance upon its rim.

I feared to ask, I feared to speak. Divorce? A death? Who knew?

Then Joe bent down, untied the lace and emptied out his shoe.

My heart beat fast, blood coursed my veins, I punched him in the snoot!

“What’s that hit for?” he cried in rage and kicked me with his boot.

So Joe and I began to fight, we grappled on the ground

till satisfied we both shook hands and he bought me a round.

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