NaPoWriMo, Day Four – Love by Any Other Name…

I think there is a theme developing here!  An exploration of negative space á la poesy. Today it’s suggested we write a love poem without ever using the word “love” or employing any hackneyed phrases associated thereof. Here goes:

  He Muses Me


I can’t resist his Tigger soul

it peers out a six-decade face,

boy-eyes brimming with glee

and joie de vivre, when

on any given morning

he BOuNCes out of bed

to bring me coffee ‑ Alpha

male, with all the charm

and heartache that entails,

but he laughs at my jokes

and spits pebbles at my feet

because we both fancy penguins.

One year, for some anniversary,

I named a star for us.

On clear nights, as we stand in the driveway

arms around each other, he points

to the faint palpitation of our distant sun

and I think of photons traveling millions of miles

to reach our eyes or how entangled quanta

synchronize instantaneously across the universe.

It isn’t so strange our lives entwined

creating a mysterious whole

larger than

the sum of our parts.


 ©2015 Christine Irving



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