NaPoWriMo Day 6 – I Overslept

So today, this morning that is, (though now its afternoon) the prompt is to write an aubade. As it happens the aubade is a poem about breaking dawn and the necessity for lovers (presumably illicit) to part before the sun rises and further.  It was once de rigueur for it to be written from the point of view of someone leaning on a door or in a window watching the beloved sleep, but knowing they must awaken.  I didn’t read the directions carefully enough – catching only the Monday morning part of the instructional paragraph.  My poem begins a few hours later, but it does involve love and desire…

kundalini yoga class

no great orgasmic gulp of bliss

no chills, fevers or revelation

just the sweet peace of an empty room

whose clean dark floorboards hold

a purple mat – my world for sixty minutes

on which I sit, stand, twist, fold, and rock

clenched muscles into opening – allowing

energy, coiled like a sleeping serpent

in its sacral nest, to rise slowly round my spine

entwine my bones, seep into sinew

and infuse my blood with appetite

for all the simple sensuality

of an ordinary monday

©2015 Christine Irving

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1 Response to NaPoWriMo Day 6 – I Overslept

  1. Lori Carlson says:

    beautifully described… yoga has never seemed so sensual and inviting 🙂

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