NaPoWriMo Day Ten Alphabet Soup

Hi! Playing catch-up after missing a couple of days. I’m posting Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwkyz,  with a nod to Big Bird, only because I am determined to finish the month having  completed all the prompts and time’s a-zoomin’.


Almost every night I dream of being

Baba Yaga whose house employs two

chicken legs that spin on command

denying access to those who

eagerly demand

favorable fortune. I never

grant their wishes—

heart’s desire can be tricky thing

it boomerangs, ricochets

jitterbugs turns

kinky and confused;

love rarely plays a part in what

men want or think they want.

“No!” saves trouble.

Occasionally, not often

peculiar poets, worried children or lost dogs

querying courteously

regarding a modicum of aid may

sustain my interest long enough

to task them with a chore

unusually challenging and grim.

Very few survive my trials, I do

warn them my tricky

xenophobic nature

yearns for their failure. However,

zig-zag to victory? I honor the deal.

©2015 Christine Irving

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