NaPoWriMo Sappphic Poems #11

Yikes! Too hard. Much as love this ancient poet’s words, something of the form, I fear, is lost in translation- I simply don’t think in dactyls or is it trochees? Dear me! I am not certain quite/That even now I’ve got it right. (I always thought Eletelephony was an Edmund Lear poem, but no, it was written by Laura Elizabeth Richards, daughter of Julia Ward Howe who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic! Will poets never cease to amaze…)

from: The Natural History of Nymphs vol. 1

dryads rarely show themselves dancing round their

trees at noontide; slumbering sweetly, waiting

evening’s arrival


rising late, to wake optimistic, sipping

nectar brought by bumblebees stealing kisses

shamelessly lovesick

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