NaPoWriMo #17 YIKES!!!


Virtual Reality

Solipsism: a theory in philosophy
that your own existence is the only thing
that is real or can be known.


I will live

but eighty years or so.

The Jurassic measured roughly

fifty million, not to mention stars

who also live and die, yet you tell me I

(meaning you of course) am the only

measure of reality?  I think you lie, project, deny

(hubris being a defining trait of human beings

tending to create gods in their own image).

I think no cereal box compares

to supernovas – no aphorism,

anecdote or selfie’s shelf-life

outlasts the span of a bristlecone pine.

So prompt me no prompts

of vapid commentary

instead I’ll go outside

smell hyacinths and jasmine

count falling stars

splash in puddles

and howl.

©2015 Christine Irving
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