NaPoWriMo #12 Uncaged Birds

Lookee here! Caught up! At least, I will be if I manage today’s assignment, which I haven’t even looked at yet. Yesterday’s was so so hard- maybe this will be another chance to catch breath. Getting behind is a bummer, even when the discipline is self-imposed.  This entry is out of place –  just to remind you, I wrote a paragraph about grackles, deleted extraneous words, and added line-breaks.  It was a little more complicated than that- I had to rewrite, condense and modify, but it worked. I’m not new to this technique – it’s a great fallback for writer’s block.



Like coyotes, boat tail grackles

adapt to cities, eat anything, survive, thrive.

Texas is full of them, but they’re spreading out

swinging jaunty tail feathers as they go

east, north and west to colonize

Poughkeepsie, Chicago, San Francisco.


Boat tails prefer trees surrounded

by open space – parking lots

make ideal hangouts, especially

in southern states where summer shade

trumps winter snow removal.

Drive to any Texas mall

on an evening in late spring,

park beside (not under) taller trees,

roll down your windows,

and ”laissez les bons temps rouler!”

Such cackle gabble, screech

you never heard.

Grackles are LOUD!


The other day,

shrieked down by birds,

ten poets fled a terrace.

Perhaps it was intentional‑

I saw a grackle rattle

out-spread wings, puff

his chest feathers and stalk menacingly,

beak out-stretched

towards an innocent robin.

It too, took wing.

©2015 Christine Irving
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