NaPoWriMo # 19 Landays

I hope you  all read the article on landays.  I’m fascinated on many levels but mostly by how ancient the form is.  I am so consistently amazed by how forms, symbols, ideas, customs persist through millennia. In spite of myriad changes taking place in every culture some things persist, sometimes in their original form.  It’s enough to make you believe in memes!


Far from home, passing a bar door

country music, my tears water the sidewalk.


You speak in tongues I do not get

yet your eyes are eloquent enough.

Forbidden Fruit

Father is busy in the orchard

Come! Nibble these apples, sip this sweet cider.


Women reckon up the price of war

knowing who will pay the price men’s god demands.


I dream in HD, lie in your arms

your heart beats loudly beneath my lonely ear.


Where are the fingers that stroked my flesh

the mouth that kissed, the sweet rough games we played?


I want a green tattoo, a serpent

circling mouth to tail inscribed upon my cheek.

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1 Response to NaPoWriMo # 19 Landays

  1. Maz says:

    What a lovely collection of landays. Keep writing… See my words at:

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