NaPoWriMo # 27 Hay(na)ku Meets Philosophy

I have a theory about shopping;  it mimics the act of creation, which is to make something from nothing.

Creativity, is what makes us godlike.  It is an act of divinity, a reflection of The Prime Creative Force.  The act of creation invokes a powerful response with us, which involves our entire self -mind, heart, body, and spirit. The endorphins that making something engenders reverberate for days within us.  Buying something also brings new things into our lives that didn’t exist before.  We feel as if we made it, but all we really did was buy it, so the feeling doesn’t last,  It’s like a sugar high- an instant burst of energy that flames up then quickly disappears.  Nevertheless, for that tiny space of time we feel real good.

Creativity takes many forms, including crafting a friendship.  Engaging in relationship includes looking out for one another – noticing when the other is stuck in a rut of her/his own making and needs a jolt to lift her/him up and out. It might even involve shopping!

To a Sad Girlfriend

out and
shop with me
need to
splurge and spree
hit the
One Buck Tree
lip gloss
by the gross
nails rose
sport silver toes
“make a toast”
in glass all
in gold
so faux it
bold lips
rubs off on
but still
our pledge is
you’ll laugh
and I’ll love
friends true
blue, for ever.
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