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2015coverposterI am proud to announce that a couple of my poems will be featured in We’ Moon next year. We’ Moon is a women’s almanac published every year since 1987 by Mother Tongue Ink in Oregon. It’s been my constant companion since it first came out but I don’t have my old copies because every year they get slowly demolished as I rip out pages to send to friends, post on my refrigerator, pirate into my collages and leave subversively on the tables of coffee shops or scotch taped to the mirror of restrooms.

Sharing is the name of the game at We’ Moon, which sets out to publish as many diverse women writers and artists writing for and about women as they can possibly cram into each issue. We’ Moon means “women”, of course, but it also meaSelena-Gomez-Moon-Goddess-2014-AMAns “we of the moon.” Women’s bodies are linked to the moon biologically; our menstrual periods follow the same cycle of twenty-eight days as the moon does. If women live together for a period of time our cycles begin to align with each other. If we sleep in moonlight for several months our periods begin to occur during the new moon. Honoring that link, We’ Moon is an astrological moon calendar and appointment book that makes it easy for women to track their periods.


I was barely into my thirties when I discovered the women’s movement – not that I hadn’t always been a feminist. Equal pay for equal work has always seemed like the most obvious rock bottom line ever. But though I was politically convinced about the necessity to stand up for myself as a woman, I really had no interest in claiming my femininity.

I had no idea what I was missing!  The story of my reclamation is too long for this posting; suffice it to say I fell hook, line and sinker in love with womanhood. That restoration and healing has brought untold benefits and blessings into my life. I wouldn’t be half the artist, mother, poet, wife, sister daughter I am today if it hadn’t been for the deeply sustaining company of women and the spiritual blessing and enhancement of the divine feminine throughout my adulthood.

circle-of-goddesses-candleholder-ke-12096About the same time I was discovering the feminine, 50 -60 women from different countries and walks of life were gathering in Denmark to live in a women’s community called Kvindelandet. It was there that the idea of a special calendar for women, based on the cycle of moon, sun and stars, was first conceived. The very first We’ Moon was hand-written in five different languages and published in France.   We’Moon still receives submissions from women all over the world.

By the time it began appearing in the USA, I was living in the middle east where no feminine books, much less bookstores, existed. Happily a visit to England coincided with the first publication of We’ Moon, which I bbl-photo-silvermoondiscovered in my favorite bookstore, Silver Moon on Charing Cross Road. Silver Moon like so many women’s bookstores (see previous post) no longer exists, but for many years it was my lifeline. We’ Moon has been around the world with me.

I am so pleased to be appearing in the 2016 edition and to have my words join the collected wisdom of so many of my sisters. Thank you dear editors, nothing could make me prouder than to join the company of the many many other wise women of the moon you have served so faithfully and well over the years.

moon goddess

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  1. FANTASTIC! Chris, you need to fix you email… you have 2015 edition of We’Moon but you mean the _2016_ On the website it is correctly listed. Otherwise its wonderful. I love the art and poetry in We’Moon.

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