Equinox— Northern Hemisphere 2015


Autumn Equinox

September 22-23

The festival of Mabon takes place on the Fall Equinox. It celebrates the second harvest, the last before winter. Once again day and night come into equilibrium.

The king is dead, his blood shed to ensure the fertility of the Earth. The pregnant Queen/Mother Goddess carries the child, Mabon in her dark womb. His incubation and her pregnancy are marked with trials and tests. Before Mabon can be born as the Radiant Child he must find his balance and learn how to incorporate within himself both the feminine energy of his mother and the masculine energy of his father.


Equinox— Northern Hemisphere 2015

Day and night in balance:

promise of rest,

the telling of tales,

place of harvest home,

bounty of blackberries,

plethora of pumpkins,

abundance of apples,

plenty of pears, walnuts,

almonds, ripening cheeses,

pepitas, and pecans,

sheaves of wheat, rice, barley.

Canning finished, compotes

sealed in glass jars,

spend the day

in contemplation

the night in celebration

for this is the beginning

of the end; the end

of the beginning.

Sink bare feet into soil.

Tomorrow you will feel

the wheel of the year

carrying you on a new round

the same, yet not the same

eternal, yet heartbreakingly

transient. But today,

today the world rests,

stops the sun, holds

the moon in place

basks beneath their beauty.

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