NaPoWriMo: Found Poem From an Index

Alchemy, In  A Cave, With Lover


Abyss and darkness

Alchemy albedo whitening

and colors of feathers

as stages of Birth

from hand,

from head

from mouth of gods

from phallus, Aphrodite

bitterness and salt,


gravestones shaped as

witch on broomstick

devouring Directions, four –


SOWING stars as sparks

of consciousness

in a cave, with lover.



I cheated a little by using the index from one of my favorite (and loveliest) reference books The Book of Symbols: Reflections On Archetypal Images edited by Ami Ronneberg and Kathleen Martin for TASCHEN.  It’s index is rife with delicious mythic and poetic phrases and holds dozens of possibilities for poems.  I stuck to the literal, progressing alphabetically, keeping the words and phrases I found intact and retaining their in situ capitalization and punctuation.  The only liberty I took was in placement and line breaks.  The hardest thing was choosing without thinking to much.  This is a great exercise for freeing oneself from self-imposed rules and habits of thought and style; I’ll use it again.





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