NaPoWriMo:11th Prompt – Twisted

I’m finally caught up, but no rest for the wicked; only two more hours till the next prompt!  Still I’m stoked to be on board with all the cool cats again.  (Poets will never get over the beats-they’ll always dress in shabby chic black and read hastily scribbled poems off the backs of crumpled paper napkins.)  Another great prompt from Maureen and may I say, I’m loving these voices from overseas.  They’re so exciting, as are our own home-grown wordsmiths.  I hope you went to Shakila Azizzada’s page and read Cat Lying in Wait.

After the Tornado Sirens Stop and We Emerge From Shelter


Hailstones ping and pong

off deck, gutters, windows

icy popcorn kernels

exploding, shredding

red geraniums, pecking

at the shingles like a flock

of voracious parrots denuding

their rain forest of Brazil nuts.

Crick, slam, bam, crackle, pop

Hails stops.  Rain

sweeps through the yard

in sheets- I wish

I knew another word,

a better metaphor,

I’ve never really seen rain

sheet before- it’s all I’ve got.

Sheeeeet! I’m speechless.




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1 Response to NaPoWriMo:11th Prompt – Twisted

  1. Christine …I really enjoyed reading this poem. The sounds and rhythms punctuate the words. Nice, very nice.

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