NaPoWriMo: The Fan Letter

One of the lost poems came wandering back via my husband’s computer – much rejoicing over this lost sheep, its matted fur and ticks matter not a whit. 

The story of Leda and the Swan has always fascinated me – it harks back to earliest times when all animals, including us, roamed the world as acknowledged kin.  It  defies sexual taboos, as so many myths do, which leads to questioning just why they have become so important to humans.  I’m guessing for the same reason sexual associations are so important to advertising.   Linking anything to such a powerful force lends it power and charisma of its own. Politics and religion discovered this early on.  Christianity attempted to taboo sexuality itself, hoping  to re-channel sexual energy into religious fervor and also to manipulate its congregations.  This seems far afield from Leda and her swan, but if you consider the inherent sensuality of the natural world and remember how sexual imperative can trump any rule or social more in mere seconds, it begins to make sense.

My Leda poems don’t address these issues directly, instead they plump down, as I always do, on the side of sensuality.  When prompted to write a fan letter to a star, she sprang immediately to mind…

Dear Leda


You know me

we’ve met in print before,

midst other poets you’ve inspired –

H. D., Machan, Phillips, Yeats…

Perhaps you don’t remember.


My admiration reaches

further back than words –

it takes flight as fancies

floating in air, tiny feathers

white, black, red

wafting round your lovely form,

tickling your imagination

the way they tickle mine..


Though hatchlings

change one’s life forever,

their triumphs and disasters,

prophecies and god’s blood

provide no substitute

for plumage of one’s own…


I understand your longing

to transmogrify, change shape and fly,

to willingly accept a swain

redolent with divinity

into your depths, hoping

something more than semen

equally transformative,

magical and wild

might find a home in you.


 It awes my poet heart

how well you persevere,

hold your place as muse

in history and myth

Checa, Michelangelo,

Leonardo, Correggio, Cezanne,

all roused by your audacity.


Dear MS Leda, you inspire

this ardent fan to acquiesce,

no matter how I fear, whenever

gods’ bright beating wings

draw near.

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1 Response to NaPoWriMo: The Fan Letter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful wonderful poem! I love the way you think and how you are so creative with your thoughts.

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