The Wondrous Sound of Words

Sitting here drinking cold coffee, contemplating how delicious a word can feel in the mouth, I once again affirm my love of spoken words.  Sometimes I think writing (as opposed to the oral transmission of information) must be the aberration that sent humanity spiraling into “what went wrong,” sending us headlong into banking and bureaucracy – too much, too soon, too far.  If you’ve never read Leonard Shlain’s  The Alphabet versus the Goddess check it out for his theory on the effect of literacy on left-brain development.  (Warning: its wordy, rhetorical and dubious in part – still very interesting idea about the physical changes written language works on the human brain) Meanwhile, returning to assonance and alliteration, here’s my NaPoWriMo poem for April 12, 2017:

The Wondrous Sound of Words

delineation of alliteration
amplifies anxiety!  Assonance aggravates.
Gleaning conjoined consonants consciously
taxes my resourcefulness, restlessly I cast about,
silently reciting alphabets, inadvertently invoking
Big Bird’s clacking beak singing his mnemonic silly song,
now running round my brain in endless repetition.
I’m bargaining with gods I don’t believe in
to scrub his vile vox from my exhausted mind.
It’s come to this – poetry is petrifying!  Yet still,
I persist, continue to comb dictionaries, cull
the thesaurus.  Sometimes I think I write
only for pure pleasure, indulging due
delight in the wondrous
sound of words.


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