NaPoWriMo Day 14

I was so enamored of Troy Jolliman, the featured poet today at NaPoWriMo, I had to share him on Facebook.  In the interview he spoke of many things I too ponder.  But I came away thinking about something else – the absolute joy of cross-pollinating  categories, disciplines, schools of thought, artistic modalities, etc.  Have you ever noticed how homogeneous audiences of all kinds tend to be?  For the most part we like our cages.  But stepping outside them is fun!  It certainly makes me happy.  In this interview Troy Jolliman sounds like a happy man.  I think happiness is greatly underrated, perhaps because it’s been mistaken for a goal when really, happiness is a state of being – a state of appreciation for what is.

Of course, it’s hard to know what actually is. One of the realities of being human is that in just a few moments (sometimes seconds) we forget or twist what we just said, remember differently the thing that actually happened.  Troy noticed! and summed it up perfectly in just a few lines…


“the gap between

the worlds I said

and those I remember saying


is just wide enough to contain

the remains that remain

of what I assumed I knew

~Troy Jolliman, excerpted from At Lake Scugog


That quality of noticing is what I find exciting about Troy Jolliman and what I love about poetry – even when its extremely silly! Like my clerihew:


Our new pres, the Donald

is worse than old Ronald!

Can’t forget the least slight

and twitters all night.


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