NaPoWriMo – Mid Month

I love the permission implicit in the NaPoWriMo challenge.  The prompts send me spinning in directions that don’t occur to me to go down on my own.  There is no time to brood at NaPoWriMo – no hours to incubate a poem, to let it lose first gloss, to amputate and trim and tuck.  Once published here, upon this blog, I cannot send my poems to any publication or contest demanding virgin work.  The audience is everywhere and no where and both alternatives allow the freedom poetic license promises but contemporary poetic culture does not always deliver.   The playground is vast, full of buckets, shovels and sandboxes, slides and swings, puddles and prams, hurt feelings and busted lips, scraped knees and elbows, creepy dudes, over-protective mothers, and sweet-faced nannies to kiss the boo-boos better.  It’s a great place to try your hand at anything, with room enough for all…





You always said the Golden Mean, the Middle Way

smacked of compromise and copping out.

Mistaking license for freedom, excess for abundance

you’d rather die than cry, enough!  Did it seem

like enough when lesions ran up and down your arms,

or you lay face-down on a hundred filthy floors

or when rooting through a dumpster, right before a dawn

you hadn’t raised your eyes to since forever for an ABC hamburger,

and you almost cried over a full bag of fries?

Or maybe, you’d had enough when Mary Jane slit

her wrists in your bathroom because the baby died of SIPS

and after the ambulance left you screamed yourself hoarse

on the front lawn, shaking your fist at God till neighbors

called police who seeing blood all over your shirt hauled you

downtown and threw your ass in jail overnight, which is where

you had your first hit ’cause cellmates couldn’t stand your whimpering

and bought themselves some cheap peace?

Who knows when enough becomes enough and the world shakes itself

into a new configuration in which wind from a different quarter

blows pink streamers across the morning and you  look up

for the first time since forever and  finally understand enough.


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