NaPoWriMo 16 – The Naked Man Revisited

Some of you know my book The Naked Man.  Since it was originally inspired by an exchange of letters between poets, I revisited the scene to meet today’s NaPoWriMo challenge.


Dear NM,

          It’s been awhile, we didn’t part too happily

          but, you should  have known, harboring poetic

           aspirations of your own, how eagerly

          we wordsmiths grab at raw material

          close at hand – and weren’t we close

           hand and mouth, the very subject bards

           most love to shout about?



NM to P…


          Did you have to steal my best stich

          or paint me quite as dark as night?  I’m certain

          we spent much more time alight…





          You remind me of an Emperor

          strutting streets without a stitch,

          certain quite he’s robed in cloth-of-gold.

          You’ve never been discreet in act or speech!

          Besides, you choose us poets to consort with,

          the ones with endless license to distort,

           exaggerate, transmogrify and lie.  What

          were you thinking, or with what?  And why?



Beauteous P,


          You are

         the one


          to me…




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