NaPoWriMo – Nocturne

The other day my husband John ordered a critter-cam on-line.  I squawked, of course, but it only took the first viewing of the previous day and night’s footage for me to change my mind.  Now, every morning we race to change the chip and watch yesterday’s traffic wander through our backyard.  The cardinal’s are great favorites, topped only by the antics of girl and boy squirrels raiding the guaranteed-squirrel -proof top-of-the-line wild bird feeders! Cirque du Soleil has nothing on our troupe…

The Unparalleled Pleasure of Watching Wild Things Sup



Four in the morning,

night’s darkest hour…

Earth turns her gaze

from moon’s descent

to face dawn’s bright arousal

and almost every creature

curls in sleep, paws

snugged tight into belly

head tucked beneath a tail.


Except for rat, whose eyes

shine bright as light bulbs.

Caught by the critter-cam

in infra-red, he scurries

here and yon, the skitter

of his tiny nails lost beneath

the sound of trickling fountain

feeding the pond where possum

comes to cadge a drink.


Our resident rat,

displays such lissome

grace and speed, such deft

persistent harvesting we’ve

learned to love him, broken

every wildlife stricture becoming

backyard voyeurs – profligate gods

dispensing corncobs everywhere

within our camera’s purview.



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