NaPoWriMo Day 20

Today’s prompt is to write a poem incorporating specific terms from a sport of our choosing.  I fenced in college. It was the only sport I actually loved, barring yoga which doesn’t really qualify.



En garde, my dear,

prepare your rapier.

I’ll brook no shy displacement,

but you may take my measure

as I prepare to meet your lunge

along whatever line you choose to take.

Consider this an invitation.

I do not feint

nor play you false,

long only for engagement.

Oh, won’t you make your point?


olympic_sports_fencing_pictogram_clip_art_15946   fencer 2



Rapier: a long, double-edged thrusting sword popular in the 16th-17th centuries.

En Garde: also On Guard; the fencing position; the stance that fencers assume when preparing to fence

Displacement: moving the target to avoid an attack; dodging.

Measure: the distance between the fencers.

Preparation: a non-threatening action intended to create the opening for an attack; the initial phase of an attack, before right-of-way is established.

Lunge: an attack made by extending the rear leg and landing on the bent front leg.

Line: the main direction of an attack (eg., high/low, inside/outside), often equated to the parry that must be made to deflect the attack; also point in line.

Interception: a counter-attack that intercepts and checks an indirect attack or other disengagement.

Feint: an attack into one line with the intention of switching to another line before the attack is completed.

Fencing Time: also temps d’escrime; the time required to complete a single, simple fencing action.

Feint: an attack into one line with the intention of switching to another line before the attack is completed.

Foil: a fencing weapon with rectangular cross-section blade and a small bell guard; any sword that has been buttoned to render it less dangerous for practice.

Engagement: when the blades are in contact with each other.

Point: a valid touch; the tip of the sword; the mechanical assembly that makes up the point of an electric weapon; an attack made with the point.


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