NaPoWriMo 24: Under the Wire

I made it! Back running with the pack – how appropriate for this exercise through the Boschian landscape of noses thumbed at all the powers that be- a true democracy of pratfalls and scatology  plunked down among what’s most divine.  Good reminder of the import bread and circuses can have in keeping power on its throne…Quack! Quack!

hare riding to hunt with snail perched on gauntlet

When Rabbit Goes A’hunting


Snail rides upon his glove

you laugh, but ponder the power

of all that oozes, persistently

inexorably inching forth,

changing form to slip beneath closed doors,

wend cracks, deploy from niche and crevice;

armored creature sensitive to nuance,

translates vibration through a liquid membrane

ten times more sensitive than skin, clever

engineer whose shell spirals like galaxies

to form a home defended by radulae

so venomous and dire, men die

on being stung.


Perhaps you laugh at rabbit

riding on a greyhound. Is not a coney

canine’s prey?  You forget how wit

can best brute force with guile, sell a dog

a barren bone and leave him smiling.

Monks who hunched above their desks all day

could not resist the urge to play those tricks

any enslaved creature lays upon its master,

Trickster comes as Hero only to a common man

crushed beneath the weighty of God, King, Pope

or Mammon. If he wishes to survive,

his weapon – ridicule, must come disguised

as Rabbit, Fox or Chanticleer amid the curling leaves

of ornate vegetation, twining lush around

the very sacred words that forged his chains.


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