It’s here ! April and already the Foolfool_roger_von_oech is messing with me, tripping me up so of course I’m “LAtE, ryanlerch-The-White-RabbitLAte…” so here’s yesterday’s poem.


Hopefully I’ll post again later today as I catch up.  (Knock on wood!)   Meanwhile, the prompt yesterday was to utilize different persons point of view in the same poem.  Somehow, my mind dwelt on tense rather than person and so the following… As I said Himself is already messin with my head, but I already know biggest lesson I need learn from NaPoWriMo.  It’s the same every year – let go of the literal.  A prompt is a nudge not an order or a shove…

Ever More and After

Yesterday, when I was still tomorrow

I tried to stop now in her tracks, but she’s

confusing that which I remember

from years to come, with yesterday’s

soft melting snow, green spears, push,

 pushing ice aside.  Full of hope, I kneel

in snow-soaked jeans, sneeze loud enough to startle

deer who come to graze on sap-sweet wands,

pussy willows lined the creek galore

and sun will flash when I raise bright

new pruning shears to cut.  Blind eyes.  Finger

nicks bright scarlet on the rusty blade, fuzz buds

soft and gray as rain, it might be yesterday

as dazzle slowly fades and daffodils unfold

their butter-yellow to trumpet glory to the skies.

Spring was and will be ever more and after…


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