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I took yesterday’s poem into my critique group. namasteAs usual their suggestions lightened and tightened and gave me a stand alone poem with which I was really happy with.   revision is such an important part of our craft.  I especially like this part of the

work because it gives my (inner) Critic  critic   a place to hang out while I compose, then, when we get to revising, she gets her turn to come out and play.  Check out the fifteen comments by fellow poets that Maureen supplied in her 03/31 post.  Because Carl Phillips shares the way I revise, his quote was my favorite.  I love the spoken word− for me there’s always an audience seated at the edge of peripheral vision:


“I do read the poems aloud, yes—not while writing, as much, but in the revision stage. I want to test for where things are too rough, or aren’t rough enough, where they fall into patterns of sound and whether or not those are meaningful or distracting patterns.”                                                                                          — Carl Phillips


I loved Peter Davis‘ idea of band names, so I opened the MS for my novel Magdalene A.D. and picked a page at random by scrolling down with my eyes closed.

Magdalane Cover 05

Then, once again, I moved the cursor at random, eyes closed, took the place I landed on and began underlining band names.  It really is great fun, though if you begin designing  imaginary costumes, instruments and special effects, not to mention the video for their hit song, it can get a little time consuming!  E

Eventually, I made a list of the titles and commenced moving them around till I got something that worked.  It probably isn’t a poem I’ll grow to love, but it was a fun and I think it makes an excellent prompt.  Using my own prose as the starting point was interesting because of how it both ressembled and differed from the meaning of the original paragraph.  I’m tempted to task myself  to write two more poems, using the same titles, to see if I can come up with some different takes.  Of course, it would be much more fun to use just the plain words without the constraint of having them in titles.  In creating the poem, I added eleven words to add an inkling of order, but the titles are listed at the bottom of this page so you can see what was what…

in the confusion

i meant to tell you

ask the priestess

the significance

of your experience

forgotten sigils

tiny characters


for your protection

on your head

feel the pain

pin pricks provide

a kind of provision

you might need money

have to confess

I will be leaving sometime

meant to tell you

for your protection

but in the confusion

left it all too late…

Have To Confess, Ask the Priestess, Tiny Characters, Tattooed, Forgotten Sigil, Pin Pricks, On Your Head, In The Confusion, Your Experience, For Your Protection, Meant To Tell You, Significance, Might Need Money, Leaving Sometime, Feel The Pain, Kind Of Provision

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