Was Kavanaugh Drunk?

Watching the hearings with Brett Kavanagh yesterday it occurred to me the man might be inebriated.   He certainly consumed a lot of water, was belligerent and maudlin, and his kavanaughface showed unusually red – especially the constantly twitching nose.

I’m surprised no one’s questioning what he was doing for those five hours, holed up in his office not listening to Dr. Ford.

He was incredibly disrespectful and rude to the democratic senators questioning him, breaking all rules of protocol, and to what end?  His stone-walling bluffs and the insistent reputation of his own laurels came off as whining and self-serving.  A couple more hours of the genteel, pleasant, even-handed co-operation, which he consistently and soberly displayed throughout the former proceedings, would have served him much better.  One of the results of alcohol consumption is that one loses judgement and self-control.

It’s impossible for me not to believe Dr. Ford.  Her credibility was obvious.  My husband kept saying how brave, how remarkable she was.  I agree of course, but she is only one of hundreds of equally amazing women I know who live with the life-long suffering sexual abuse engenders.  Every day they pull themselves together and face their fear, not just once, but again and again, in order to engage the world with love, compassion and an enormous commitment to service.

What infuriates me more than almost anything, is that this information about entitled young men drinking and abusing is not unknown or uncommon.  In fact every year we see frat houses and sport team in trouble for the same ugly crimes.  They rarely get more than a hand-slap.  Women have been bringing this issue forward for decades; courageously taking to street, stand and podium to tell their truth.  One drunken assault is heinous in itself, but this man has been accused of organizing group rapes of women he helped drug.  Such an accusation can never be taken lightly or dismissed, no matter how spurious it may appear.  What also needs examination is why these supposedly respectable Republican men are so willing to buy into a culture of exploitation and abuse.

I would very much like to know what questions the FBI asked during their many background checks?  I’m sure they checked the references he gave them, but how widely did they search beyond those references?  Did agent’s read Mark Judge’s book, Wasted, depicting the thinly veiled “Bart O’Kavanaugh?”  Did they ever question him?  And by the way, why would Mark Judge voluntarily incriminate himself in an assault charge?  Of course he wrote a letter of denial – it’s an easy out.

Did agents examine the yearbook?  Did they query poor Ms. Dolphin about the despicable ‘Renate Alumni’ references in it?  Did the FBI query his friends about what that meant?

I can honestly say I do not know a single woman who isn’t herself or doesn’t know an abused woman, one who has been raped or assaulted.  One way or another we all experience the effects of sexual abuse.  No wonder we are out in the streets by the millions.


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1 Response to Was Kavanaugh Drunk?

  1. Lynnette Eldredge says:

    The most disturbing thing about having the curtain pulled back and viewing, as a nation, pervasive cultural misogyny, is the realization that it has always existed, and only rarely have the perpetrators been called out about it, or suffered any kind of negative repercussions. If it isn’t labeled “wrong” it won’t be construed as such.

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