The Polyptoton

Frank Hubeny at the d’verse Poets Pub challenged us  to use a polyptoton in a poem.   I couldn’t think of a thing to write and played with using polyptotons in Tuesday’s list of Neruda questions.  This morning, however,  I woke up up from a dream in which I wrote the following.  It’s rather disappointing as message or portent, which is what the dreams one dreams are often professed to proffer.  On the other hand, as dreams are usually wont to do, my dream mixed up  yesterday’s happenings with more than a kernel of truth about me and lightened it all with a sprinkle of wordplay and nonsense.


Saved for a Rainy Day

The rain rains all day

so I curl around the mound

of books I cull from my shelves.          stack of books

Bookshelves line every room,

stuffed full to overflowing.

I always find room for one more.

It’s my weakness, my addiction.

What can I say?  Other women

keep cats.  I’m bookish.

If you add up all the money

I spend in bookstores, I could

own my own now.  But, what    stack of books

if it rains all day for forty days

and the streets flood

and it takes first responders

a week to find me?  I’ll go insane

without a book to read.

rescuing books

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4 Responses to The Polyptoton

  1. I would go crazy too… unless I have wifi.

  2. Rob Kistner says:

    I really enjoyed this! Christine, spending for the captured thoughts of a world of authors and poets is money directed in a positive way. I buy recoded music and have since my 12th birthday in 1959. I occasionally begin to reflect on my 60 years of accumulated expenditure — but then I think… nah! I love having all that creativity at my fingertips.

  3. msjadeli says:

    You curl around your mound of books like a dragon curls around treasure. Fun graphics in a dreamlike romp.

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