Another Kind of Echo

So many kinds of echoes in the world. It’s no wonder the story of Echo and Narcissus has lasted so long.  We humans have more than one archetypal resonance with that word.  I can almost hear it echoing through my unconcious sending out uncanny vibrations that contract  pores, cause hair to stand on end.

I mentioned in my previous post that echo is an idea I’ve played with before.  I also referenced my book The Naked Man.  So today, on Open Link night at the d’Verse Poets Pub, I’m responding to host Grace by posting a poem that deals with both the shadowy underworld  in which every player is thought to be an echo of some aspect of ourselves, and  also incorporates the idea that everyone has an exact double somewhere in the world.  The name for that eerie twin is so onomatopoetically perfect in German we have imported it directly into English.  I used it as the title to one of the poems in my book.

Naked Man Cover 01



The Naked Man hunts shadows

in the forest, chasing down rumors

overturning rocks.  Today he found one

hiding in the honeysuckle, pulled it out

and named it Cynic; dressed the thing

in torn jeans, shaved its head

and gave it a southern accent.


He’s building his shadow a shady cage

in the corner of the parking lot-

makes a nice change from that other one Romantic

chained to a tie-dyed tent beside the riverside.


Perhaps he’ll put his shadows side by side

in a makeshift corral made of boulders and manzanita

let them duke it out with fisticuffs to see who wins.


He doesn’t know they’re doppelgangers;

twin brothers who would own him.

If the Naked Man wants to break free

He must claim them – call them family,

but that’s another story.

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2 Responses to Another Kind of Echo

  1. scotthastiepoet says:

    A very fresh, stimulating and original write Christine – I shall certainly be back to see what you come up with next. I am intrigued!

  2. Nitin Lalit says:

    This is a brilliant poem that explores the different facets of a man’s personality and how he tries separating them, when uniting them is the key. I enjoyed it.

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