A Winter Morning Mus-ing

Open mic at the D’verse Poets Pub hosted by  on OpenLinkNight.

Sunday Morning Kani-Ka-Pila

Sunday mornings I take a break

from global warming, pipeline stand-offs

and fractured politics, tune the dial

to an hour of Polynesian music –

tunes born of ocean swells

and breezy trade winds guaranteed

to move brain waves from beta to alpha.

kan ka pila

If the system breaks completely,

re-expands our shrinking planet

dousing lights, shutting down

the web, I’ll miss our strange

modern juxtapositions,

the surreal fusions of food

history, clothes, culture,

time and place; miss driving

through blizzards

safe, snug and warm

while fat white snowflakes

dance hulas on my windshield

to Hawaiian chords

played on a slack guitar.

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1 Response to A Winter Morning Mus-ing

  1. Kelly Pena Weathers says:

    Bravo Salt! One way to soothe frayed nerves, calm distraction from any discord. Slowly snowflakes descend, float and swirl, airstreams direct their passage to settle, accumulate, dusting terrain, intent to cool and shape abundant musings.

    Love Spark

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