Haibun Monday

Another Haibun Monday, where  prose and haiku blend into that unique form of poetry  Basho made famous.   prompts us today, to talk about Mars!



Full of amor, I married Mars my warrior lover.  No Venus I, neither seasoned seductress, nor adulteress.  He found me almost chaste with inexperience and naiveté; deeply entrenched in first infatuation.  Oh, he wooed romantically, red roses, chocolate, passion.  Until we wed, I never saw him flare, perhaps a sputter her and there─ red flags waving.  Now, I know full well what reddening neck and bulging vein foretell.  How full of icy rage, his eyes could get, as if a cloud, veiling a volcano, suddenly dispersed and all its boiling magma came bubbling into view.  Fire and ice, he was, my Mars… and he nearly killed me.

fire smolders deep in

Autumn duff, biding time to

burn the forest down






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1 Response to Haibun Monday

  1. An alluring, and searing, story, well-complemented by your evocative haiku. Bravo!

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