On the Seventh Day

Eighty cocaine hippos make the news prompting poems all across the Americas as NaPoWriMo takes up their cause!

hippos at play

Back from the Brink

Escobar started with four hippos… in 2017,
the population had swollen to about 65.  Today… 80 to 100.
~Peter Rowe, LA Times, Feb., 2020



They say an old man freed Escobar’s four hippos,

walked out of the jungle wreathed in smoke

opening cages, (padlocks falling like blossoms

onto concrete floors) leading the small herd

out of bondage like a stone age Pied Piper, returning

them to a Pleistocene niche vacated too long ago

by supersize wombats, sloths and giant llamas.


No wonder a drug lord eager for notoriety, enamored

of power’s ornate trappings, elected to align with kings

and chaos, fertility and death, choosing to harbor animals

so revered some other shaman carved a hippopotamus

in stone seven thousand years ago.

hippo petroglyph

                 Dangerous, cunning, herbivores, fast on their feet, graceful

                 in water, Disney wasn’t wrong to pose them dancing on toe shoes

                 enveloped in pink organdy.  Taueret, goddess of childbirth stands

                 upright with a woman’s breasts, lion’s paws and the tail of a crocodile.

                 Worshiped thought the span of Egyptian civilization, her amulets

tauret2can still be found tucked beneath the pallets of women giving birth.


Taueret concerns herself with death as well as birth.  Perhaps

Escobar offended when he captured her familiars, imprisoning them

 for his amusement and aggrandizement or maybe she’s playing

her own long game (in principle all goddesses are Gaia) –

 restoring balance to Columbia’s Eden.



baby hippo

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