April 8 NapoWriMo on Twitter

Today Maureen shared several twitter accounts on the NaPoWriMo site.  These offer bits and pieces of poetry by sundry famous and less-well known artists.  She suggested choosing a line from one of these tweets and using it as one’s own first line.  I chose the first seven words of this quip from:  Romantic Poetry Bot@PercyBotShelley,

Odin, the green shady place, and fear, By pleasure like the stars Were visible, a year Haunting me More happy love! more…”

Tourist Take Care! Tread Carefully Upon Temenos

Odin, green shady place, and fear…

I type old Shelly’s line into my pad,

spine aligned upright against the bole

of Yggdrasil, so says this tattered guidebook

and faded sign long weathered into rag.

Two ravens crow out bleak demands

Should I have shared my sandwich

and poured red wine upon the ground?

A thought too late it seems, now dark clouds

gather, wind blows cold and stirs

the verdant leaves until their rustling

sounds like women’s chanting battle hymns,

or howling wolves in bay.

I pluck an auburn hair from my own head,

spit into my hands, clap three times

fall prostrate upon the sward, mouth

pressed hard into the grass whispering

through sod and loam, praying

 these desperate words leak deeply down

to roots where dwell the Norns. 

It’s not my time, I know.  Auntie cast her runes

when I was born foretelling four sons

and I have none, as yet.  May the good sisters

remember and may those damn infernal crows

quit cawling.

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