I try not to bring home natural objects anymore – too much time in state parks I think. Probably more to do with being an inveterate sign-reader, so I get why things should stay where they fall.  Not that we can’t move them around or take pictures with those ubiquitous phones.   The NaPoWriMo prompt was to write about the kinds of things we scavenge on beach walks or meadow rambles.  I tend to make little altars.  I love the transience of these orchestrations, enjoy leaving them to the rummage of wind, weather, animals and kids, whatever wanders by.  They are a kind of mediation for me and I try not to plan ahead when I’m gathering or arranging.  It’s a great practice for quelling the inner critic.  I do have a self-imposed rule/challenge rule not to pick anything off a living plant – no flowers or pretty leaves,  with a small exception for blackberries, which I would eat anyway.

tree hollow

Though I Will Not Pass This Way Again

I gather a sage green

splotch of lichen, assorted twigs

ph-acorns-horses3 acorn cups, a blue jay feather,

fluff of milkweed, two slabs

of mottled bark and a handful

of stones – chips of quartz,

sparkling white, gleaned

in a painstaking duck walk

around this designated shrine.


The arched entrance to a hollow

at ground level looks Gothic,

mysterious, an entrance, rabbit

hole to the netherworld. A good

place to leave this transient offering

of thirteen stones set close around

a patch of emerald moss. I fill

the acorns in a puddle, place

feather, bark and milkweed

strategically around the door.

lichen on twig

The pattern evolves naturally,

organically ─ hand, heart mind

taking equal lead, It’s hard to leave.

I brush away duff and detritus

around the temenos. Sing a song

to wind, water, sun and dirt,

beating out a heartbeat

my palm, against the ground.



This is how the world

reminds us who we are,

where we belong, and why.

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3 Responses to Findings

  1. msjadeli says:

    delightful. a shrine of magical proportions.

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