(L)etter Poem

Today’s NaPoWriMoprompt (optional, as always) asked us to write a poem about a particular letter of the alphabet, or perhaps, the letters that form a short word. Doesn’t “S” look sneaky and snakelike? And “W” clearly doesn’t know where it’s going! We’re to use the shape of the letter(s) as the take-off point for our poems.hammock-vector-13


H is for hammock strung between two trees

that sometimes meet overhead like an

A-frame house, sheltering, cozy, swinging

that hammock’s gently as if somebody’s

MaMa rocked it like a papa-crafted cradle.

Or H could be another mother-thing …

Cook stove, family altar, heart of home.

Kitchen, where all the secrets spill,

sins get aired and forgiveness flows

like water, washing away all obstacles

to deep, sweet, untroubled sleep.


mother and cradle

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