Anatomy of a Fruit

NaPoWriMo the challenge for Day 24 was to write about a fruit. It’s taken a couple of days to get to it.  Not that there’s any dearth of fruit about which to wax poetic.  No it was just the blahs and maybe an over abundance of prompts. I take it all to seriously or maybe lock-up is finally getting to me…  A bag of tangerines (or possibly clementines or mandarins?  What’s the difference? I should look it up, put those beautiful words into another poem), left on my doorstep by a friend, brought me back. I’ve eaten half of them and left of trail of peel through my rooms- TV, porch, desk, kitchen, bedroom – my rounds in no particular order.





sunlight to nectar


full to bursting


in plump segments

wrought into wheels

packaged in orange leather



neither round

nor oval


smooth and lumpy


to insects and weather

easily pierced

Christmas morning

by fingernails

of eager children




pierces thin skin

releasing tiny spray

of aromatic droplets

sunset peel

falls in curls

on white cloth

evoking memory

 her tooth

scraping against

his out-stretched fingers

proffering succulence




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