NaPoWriMo Day 26

I really enjoyed this prompt.  I love list poems and the Almanac Questionnaire from Maureen Thorson provided a wonderful cornucopia. I didn’t use every word but managed a respectable number and played off some that didn’t make a literal appearance.   As you will see,  I’m still stuck on Schuyler. Check out the NaPoWriMo website if you want a list of questions to answer in five minutes, using your responses as prompts.


Print This Date in the Almanac (after Schuyler)


 I meet Lawrence for drinks on the balcony of the National Hotel

very Friday evening just before dusk to watch the bats drop down

from beneath the eaves of our Gothic-styled courthouse.  It’s close

as we get to where wild things are. Daffodils fill flower boxes strung

along the iron balustrade my lover loves to render.  He tells me,

something about the contrast of rust and flaking blue paint the exact

color of today’s sky speaks to his soul.  A cool breeze picks up.  He’s

late.  On the street below a green Peugeot backfires, an old clunker

like the one I had in college. I named her Pegasus, she smelled like sage

and cinnamon. I covered her in rainbow graffiti and a sticker that posed

the question, “What Would RBG Do?  Ruth still rides my back bumper,

especially now, when she looks so frail, like a baby bird but indomitable.

I loved that she went viral ─ felt vindicated finally, like I was right all

along and no one could deny it. Why should that still feel important?  I

have nothing left to prove and the only thing I can lose is Lawrence, though

Lawrence belongs only to himself…  Here he is at last, barely in time,

the first dark shape has spread its wings against the darkling sky and here

they come, thick and fast stretching out in one long, smokey, unbroken ribbon,

heading west to hunt pastures and fields where feasting is fine.  We plan to

feast later, picnicking upon the bedspread at our go-to B & B.  Each tryst

honors our tradition ─ double cream brie and cherry jam smeared on a Triscuit

biscuit, champagne to drink, with truffles for dessert ─ taking care to avoid

melting chocolate into the sheets.  We’ve been thrown out of better places.



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