The Thirteenth Fairy

My heads been wrapped up in fairy tales the last few weeks while I explored their underlying implications for our lives with Stephanie Anderson Ladd and an amazing group of  wise women.  If this seems like escapism, trust me its not.  Our forays into Faerie allow us to face the consequences of this pandemic directly, supported and informed by the wisdom and truth-telling of empathetic companions.  Such council is precious.

Frank Hubney‘s challenge, from behind the bar at the d’Verse Poets Pub, to write a fourteen line poem took me straight to the thirteenth fairy in Sleeping Beauty.  Perhaps you remember the story?  Twelve fairies invited to a christening – party crashed by another, overlooked when invitations went out.  Scorned fairy curses baby with death, but one  of the twelve has not yet spoken.  Her gift mitigates the curse.   A question arises about who the thirteenth fairy might be.  Is she the bad fairy who arrives after the others or the good fairy who who has the last word?

thirteenth fairy


While the Baby Cooed in Its Cradle


The thirteenth fairy sat with the gleaners,

poor women invited in from lean pickings

in fields about to go fallow, for a sip of wine

and a bite of christening cake.  Glamour

turned her frippery fraudulent, fine velvet

fell in stinking rags, golden hairpins

appeared as wisps of dirty straw.


She nibbled slowly, sipped delicately,

while sister fay claimed precious plates

set high above the salt, one rightly hers,

but never mind, wheels spun within

wheels, spiders wove wicked webs.

Her turn would come soon,  Nothing

was what it seemed.

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2 Responses to The Thirteenth Fairy

  1. poetrybydebi says:

    Ahhh, and then? I love fairy tales

  2. memadtwo says:

    There is much below the surface in every fairy tale. I like the sense of waiting here. (K)

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